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My Story

The first time I ever did yoga I was 14 or 15 and I did a week long workshop with my parents. I enjoyed it and having done gymnastics previously and being a healthy young teen I had no problems making my body look like it was in the shapes it was supposed to be. 

Flash forward to my mid twenties and I had completely forgotten about yoga and any thing yoga related. I was busy with a career in recreation and spent most of my time being in the water be it with teaching swim lessons, aquafit or coaching swim club. I thought I had it all figured out, I thought that I was living a healthy life and it didn't matter that I was eating burgers and fries everyday because I was physically fit. Then the dog attack happened. I was 26 and everything changed for me. For a while I was unable to use either of my hands properly and I was miserable and hated the world.

Guess who made an appearance again? You guessed it, yoga!

I started to think about how much yoga could help me regain the mobility that I had lost not to mention help me deal with the extra 30ish pounds I was now dealing with from all those fries and little to no activity after my accident. I didn't know the first thing about yoga and had never taking a class in a studio so you might be thinking ahhh... this is the part where she signs up for a beginner class... Nope.

I hopped on a plane to Thailand and signed up for a 200hr teacher training. I will say now in hindsight it was both the single dumbest thing I have ever done but also one of the best choices I've ever made. 

I came home a month later and was blessed to have a local studio take a chance on me and I have been teaching ever since.

...Until Covid-19 happened and I found myself out of work and once again out of shape.

I used the first few months of living in a "different world" to self reflect and reevaluate my goals.

I took my 300hr yoga training and then I discovered resistance training and started working with a fitness coach. I lost weight, I gained strength and fell in love with a new way of training. I decided that I wanted to combine my love of yoga with my new found love for weight training and I became a personal trainer. 

Since I started teaching and coaching I have become a huge anatomy nerd and I love learning about each individual student and what their strengths and challenges are. I love to create functional classes and personalized programs that push my students to grow but also help them in what ever areas of their life they need support in. I love to meet my clients where they are at and then see them grow through proper coaching and accountability.

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